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HAMMER Fitness Towel

HAMMER Fitness Towel

Accessories Art.-Nr.: 6857

HAMMER Fitness Towel

The HAMMER Fitness Towel by Möve Professional is the perfect accessory for your home workouts. Möve Professional produces premium terry cloth goods, handcrafted in Germany. Made out of 100% cotton, they are especially soft and ensure comfort. This Hammer Sports Towel has the dimensions of 110 cm x 32 cm, is very water absorbent, and odor resistant. Whether you use it as mat under your weight station or as an accompaniment to your cardio workout, its compact size allows for maximum versatility. The towel features an elaborate Jacquard weave, which increases absorbency, and has the HAMMER logo printed on it, adding to its recognition value. The HAMMER fitness towel is very easy to care for and is machine washable in temperatures up to 60° C.

technical details

Label Hammer
Colour anthracite
Dimensions 110 x 32 cm
Weight 0,5 kg
Features / Additional Equipment Very easy to care
Compact size 110 x 32 cm
Perfect as mat under your weight station
Original from Möve ® Professional
Delivery time 1-3 workdays

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