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Rowing machines

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  1. HAMMER Rower Cobra XTR Plus

    HAMMER Rower Cobra XTR Plus

    • Brake systemPermanent magnet
    • ResistanceComputer
    • Programs7
    • Footplate spacing16 cm
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  2. Hammer HAMMER Rudergerät Cobra silber

    HAMMER Cobra rowing machine

    • Braking systemCylinder
    • ResistanceManual
    • Load spectrum12 Steps
    • Build up size150 x 166 x 50 cm
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  3. Hammer HAMMER Rudergerät Cobra XTR anthrazit/weiss

    HAMMER Cobra XTR rowing machine

    • Braking systemPermanent magnet
    • ResistanceComputer controlled
    • Load spectrum16 Steps
    • Build up size220 x 65 x 57 cm
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  4. HAMMER Rudergerät Water Stream

    HAMMER Rudergerät Water Stream

    • BremssystemWasser-Widerstand
    • WiderstandManuell
    • Programme18
    • Trittplattenabstand21 cm
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Rowing machines
Rowing is the perfect exercise for improving cardiovascular and physical fitness and effectively trains the whole body. In rowing, about 60 percent of energy comes from the legs with the rest coming from the upper body. The horizontal movement in seated position is easy on the joints, since they are not strained by gravity or, in most cases, torsional forces. For this reason, rowing is categorized as a low-impact sport. Don’t be fooled by this label, however. Rowing actually consumes a lot of energy, letting you burn up to 600 calories per hour depending on speed and resistance.