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Abdominal trainers

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  1. Hammer HAMMER Bauchtrainer AB-Roller schwarz/rot
  2. HAMMER Core Wheels
  3. HAMMER Hantelbank Ab Bench Perform One
  4. HAMMER Bauchmuskeltrainer

Abdominal trainers
Abdominal trainers are light fitness devices that isolate and train your abdominal muscles. They fall into two general categories: ab-rollers (assist the upper body in rolling upward from lying position) and leg-raise equipment (i.e. captain’s chair). Both types of abdominal trainers effectively train the rectus abdominus and the lateral obliques. They stabilize the torso and reduce strain on the spinal as you hold your position. Abdominal trainers also help shape that sought after washboard stomach or six pack abs. Getting in this shape, however, requires not only training, but also decreasing body fat percentage.