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Weight benches

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  1. Hammer Hantelbank Solid XP
  2. Hammer HAMMER Hantelbank Bermuda XT schwarz/rot/silber
  3. HAMMER Hantelbank Ab Bench Perform One
  4. HAMMER Fitnesshandschuh
  5. Hammer HAMMER Hantelbank Bermuda inkl. 25 kg Gewichte schwarz/silber
  6. HAMMER Grip-Pad
  7. HAMMER Bermuda XT Pro weight bench

Weight benches
Weight benches are basic strength-training equipment. A weight bench stabilizes the body when performing various exercises and facilitates comprehensive full-body training when combined with multi-gyms and barbells or dumbbells. A weight bench usually comes in two parts: a seat and a backrest. Depending on the model, the backrest can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees to adjust the level of difficulty of various exercises. Countless exercises with free weights are possible in both reclined and seated positions. Primary exercises include bench press, incline press, chest fly and dumbbell training.