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Stationary bikes / Ergometers

Stationary bikes: If you think that cycling is the best way to stay in shape, then you should consider a stationary bike for foul-weather days. Training on a stationary bike is ideal for cardiovascular health whatever the weather and works primarily the muscles of the lower body. If you are not too particular about Watts and training control, then stationary bikes are just right for you. Lots of entry-level models are generously equipped.

Ergometers: By offering precise resistance control, ergometers allow goal-oriented health training. Display accuracy is top notch regardless of how fast or slow you ride. For a stationary bike to be called an ergometer it must first undergo a performance test in which the various Watt levels are examined according to the standard EN 957-1/5. This means that you can train precisely according to prescribed Watt levels on an ergometer.