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HAMMER California XP multi-gym

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HAMMER California XP multi-gym

Multi-gym Art.-Nr.: 9067

HAMMER California XP multi-gym

HAMMER’S California XP multi-gym is a real power house that is perfect for ambitious strength-training at home. An ingenious doubling mechanism generates up to 120 kg of training resistance from 60 kg of weights. With its wealth of exercise options such as butterfly exercises, bench press, lat pull down and leg curl, the gym is designed for intense full-body training. It also features a professional-grade curl pult and comfort cushions!

technical details

Label Hammer
Features / Additional Equipment 60 kg cement-weight plates (4x10 kg, 4x5 kg)
2-fold resistance: doubling of weight up to 120 kg
Premium back cushion 50 mm
50 x 50 mm steel tube construction with scratch-resistant powder coating
60 x 40 cm curl-pult with comfort cushion of 50 m, height adjustable with 6 posistions
Metal step plate for exercises while standing
Lat- and Triceps-bar
Chromed guiding rails for smooth running
Weight block 60 kg
Max. resistance 120 kg
Maximum of usable weight 60 kg
Upgradable with additional weights
Multiple adjustable back rest
Seat adjustable
Bench press
Biceps curl
Leg curl
Leg raise
Abdominal pull
Back pull
Neck press
Lat pull
Leg press
Training possibilities Butterfly, bench press, Lat pull, leg curl, arm curl, rowing, triceps press/-pull
Weight 111 kg
Max. body weight 120 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 189 x 111 x 201 cm
Delivery time 6-8 Werktage
Delivery Information Lieferung bis Bordsteinkante (Bitte hinterlassen Sie bei der Bestellung Ihre Telefonnummer, damit wir einen geeigneten Liefertermin für Sie vereinbaren können)

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