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HAMMER 76 kg dumbbell set

HAMMER 76 kg dumbbell set

Dumbbell set Art.-Nr.: 4612

HAMMER 76 kg dumbbell set

Who wants to train professional and varied at home takes the chance of the 76 kg barbell and dumbbell set from HAMMER. These complete set of barbells, weight plates and clips is ready for getting started. 76 kg in ensure an intensive muscle workout and provide you with more power!

The set consists of one chromated barbell and two dumbbells, which ensure variety. Length and diameter are according to norm. The length of the barbell is 180 cm; the lengths of the dumbbells are 35 cm each. Both have a hole diameter of 30 mm. Broad non-slip grips ensure a good grip during the whole strength training!

Because of the different weight plates made of steel, the training intensity can be dosed precisely. The set consists of 4x 10kg, 2x 5kg, 4x 2,5 kg, 2x 1,25kg and 2x 0,5kg-weight plates, heavy and plastic coated, which can be combined in any way. You can train with 38.5 kg in total. You can train with 62.5 kg in total. The supplied six clip locks are holding the weight plates safe in right position.

With these 76 kg dumbbell set beginners can do professional strength training at home and can benefit from a series of advantages of free dumbbell workouts.

76kg dumbbell set of HAMMER:

  • 1x barbell (diameter 30mm, length180 cm)
  • 2x dumbbells (diameter 30mm, length 35cm)
  • 6x clip closures
  • 2x 0,5kg weight plates
  • 2x 1,25kg weight plates
  • 4x 2,5kg weight plates
  • 2x 5kg weight plates
  • 4x 10kg weight plates

These weight plates filled with cement with polymer coating, protecting the floor and enable silent weight training.

technical details

Label Hammer
Features / Additional Equipment
  • 1x Langhantelstange (Durchmesser 30mm, Länge 180cm)
  • 2x Kurzhantelstangen (Durchmesser 30mm, Länge 35cm)
  • 6x Clipverschlüsse
  • 2x 0,5kg
  • 2x 1,25kg
  • 4x 2,5kg
  • 2x 5kg
  • 4x 10kg
Weight 76 kg
Delivery time 1-3 Werktage

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